25 January, 2020

    17 wild animals that know a lot about adventure

    Admiring the life of the most interesting animals on the planet is always an incredibly curious thing. Especially when it is possible to observe them not in the cage or in the close aviary of the zoo, but in their natural habitat. Thanks to naturalistic photographers, it is very simple to enjoy the most successful moments in the life of inhabitants of different parts of the world. Take a look at this amazing selection - such rare, amazing shots will not leave anyone indifferent.

    In the South African Kruger National Park, the photographer captured the moment when the bird decided to teach a lesson to the snake, intending to eat eggs with future chicks.

    Hippo showdowns are always unusually epic (Tanzania).

    The lioness is trying to lie down to sleep, and around her there are a lot of annoying midges.

    Owl, who chose a rugby ball for landing (England).

    A bear was photographed while fishing in Alaska.

    Leopard, in search of water, climbed his head into this metal vessel and got stuck there. The animal spent so over four hours until people helped him free himself.

    Squirrel with a "shell".

    The highest animal in Africa, and the whole world.

    Ganges gavial - the owner of a magnificent look of dinosaurs.

    And also just a beautiful and extremely rare species of crocodiles.

    Charming newborn baby.

    It was extremely risky to get so close to the leopard, but what a marvelous shot.

    Walrus stuck tusks (Chukotka).

    Although they call him "clubfoot," he jumps perfectly.

    A leopard emerged from the mud (Botswana).

    A string of elephants, Africa.

    Love is gently holding her tail ...

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