25 January, 2020

    Fashion designer performed live butterfly transplant surgery

    One of the hobbies of American fashion designer Romy McCloskey is butterfly breeding. She loves her insects very much, so when the male monarch butterfly was born with a torn wing, Romy decided on something amazing. With such a defect, a wonderful creature, who was only 3 days old, could neither fly nor live, but his mistress was determined to fix it.

    The fashion designer began to prepare for transplant surgery. Having laid out all the necessary tools on the table, as well as the wing of a dead butterfly several days ago, she began to fix the patient on the surface so that he would not move.

    The first thing the girl had to cut off the damaged wing. It should be clarified that the butterfly does not experience any pain. A similar manipulation with a webbed formation, which is the wing of a butterfly, is akin to cutting a person’s hair.

    Further, the most crucial moment. A new wing must be glued in place of the damaged parts. Of course, Romy did not have the goal of ideally getting lines into the pattern, or so that the restored wing was identical to the left. Most importantly, the butterfly could fly. A little talcum powder to neutralize excess glue and the operation can be declared complete.

    It remains to verify the effectiveness. One day was allotted to the patient for rest and saturation with home nectar, and then they tried to release him into the wild.

    The rescued butterfly flew into the air in an instant, flew around the yard, sat down on a bush, and then flew away to explore a new world. The operation can be considered successful!

    Watch the video: Butterfly wing transplant done with superglue and love Video World News (January 2020).

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