25 January, 2020

    A dock you can only dream of: a spaceport of the future with a pool in Doha

    What is the ideal airport for docking? Convenient, spacious, logistically comfortable and visually pleasing? All right!

    But the main thing is the pool! After all, there is nothing better than swimming between long flights or relaxing in the sauna or hammam. When you first arrive at the Doha airport, I want to see the same other major transit hubs.

    Welcome to the transit airport of the future - Hamad International Airport!

    The new Doha airport, Hamad International Airport, opened in the spring of 2014. Only Terminal 1, consisting of five A-B-C-D-E contests, is currently open and operating, but there are plans to build Terminal 2 in anticipation of the World Cup in 2022.

    Two runways with a length of 4,250 m and 4,850 m (this is the longest runway in Asia and one of the longest in the world). In 2016, the airport served more than 37 million passengers, but in the future, estimated figures will reach 97 million passengers and 320 thousand take-offs / landings per year.

    A metro is being built in Doha, one of the branches of which will serve the new airport.

    This is what the airport looks like from an airplane:

    Airport building:


    Now there are not many passengers departing from Doha itself, the main passenger traffic is transit, so the check-in room is quite free:

    After security control and passport control, you find yourself in the main hall:

    Untitled Lamp Bear by Swiss artist-architect Urs Fischer. The visiting card of the airport in Doha, absolutely everything is photographed here.

    An unmanned high-speed train runs between the central hall and the D and E concourses:

    Chic children's area:

    And youtube zone for older children :)

    This is the business lounge for oneworld sapphire passengers and above. I flew economy class Qatar Airways, but with the S7 Airlines gold card I can use the services of this business lounge. In total, Doha Airport has 9 business lounges.

    On the third floor of the hotel in the transition zone is a swimming pool, it is included in the price. But it is also available for everyone else for $ 35 with no time limit. The buzz is incredible!

    You have a long dock in Doha - you can take a free tour of the city:

    If you didn’t fly through Doha, then I think I convinced you to try :).

    Watch the video: Almost LIke LIvin' a Dream, Oooh, I Dock You. . (January 2020).

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