25 January, 2020

    Electricity between us: Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade

    I think Tesla is the main Serbian export brand, almost a national hero. The Nikola Tesla Museum is a museum of science and intellectual achievements of one person, which accelerated the second stage of the industrial revolution. Alternating current, all things. All kinds of physical devices and coils, models of electric motors, and much more, completely unknown to me, are collected here.

    The dark halls of the Tesla Museum are filled, of course, with tourists. Many people roll waves into the museum, and new ones take the places of the departed, making a mandatory selfie near the plate.

    In addition to complex physical instruments and experiments, the scientist’s personal belongings are exhibited at the Belgrade Museum of Tesla, and this part of the exposition turned out to be much closer to us. Here you can find his hat and personal seal with the letters NT, watches and books, a travel bag and suede shoes. Even a cane is available.

    Nikola Tesla died in America and was cremated there, and the urn with ashes moved here in 1957.

    The Tesla Museum is, of course, very interesting, especially considering that it is not in a clean field, but surrounded by the old areas of Belgrade, where you can wander around looking at balconies and facades, abandoned mansions and pavers, old cars and window shutters. Whatever you want.

    It makes sense to walk here, past yards and windows, bazaars and painted walls. Walk around the city on foot, in a long circle, inventing some kind of goal on the map. Until the legs hoot. And then sit in a street cafe and enjoy drinking local beer and eating splash. But this is a completely different story.

    Watch the video: Two letters by inventor Nikola Tesla surface in Serbia (January 2020).

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