24 February, 2020

    TOP 7 most beautiful (and terrible) spiders

    Let's be honest: few people really like spiders. Despite the fact that these arthropods are most often completely safe, and, according to some beliefs, are the forerunners of good news, you are unlikely to be happy to see the pensive eyes of eight spider eyes at home. But these creatures can not only terrify, but also cause admiration! Do not believe? Check out our TOP 7 of the most unusual and beautiful spiders in the world.

    Colorful horse

    Imagine a spider that can jump in length, 20 times the length of its body. Such an athlete lives in North America, Europe and North Asia. But there is nothing to be afraid, because the motley horse is only about 7 millimeters in length, so it can hardly seriously harm a person.

    In addition, these spiders mainly feed on not the most pleasant insects - flies and mosquitoes, so they are very useful for people. They also have a very touching look, right?

    Apulian Tarantula

    The Apulian tarantula is a pretty scary guy who lives mostly in southern Europe. These spiders up to 3 centimeters in length are very fond of in Hollywood: special effects experts put such a spider in the frame when, according to the script, a poisonous monster threatens a hero or grows to enormous size to terrorize the whole city.

    But appearances are deceiving. Although an Apulian tarantula can actually bite a person, its poison has very low toxicity, and some daredevils even keep them as pets. However, after such a bite, you may have a slight skin rash or inflammation of the eyes and nose.

    By the way, it was recently discovered that this species of tarantula does not even belong to tarantulas (Theraphosidae), but belongs to the family of wolf spiders (Lycosidae).

    Eight Point Crab Spider

    Platythomisus octomaculatus is one of the brightest spiders. With a bright yellow body and black spots, he looks like he is dressed in a ladybug costume for Halloween.

    This spider, discovered in a forest reserve in Singapore in 1924, lives in the foliage of small trees and has since been seen only occasionally. This is one of the largest species of crab spiders, about 2.5 cm long. Today, scientists believe that it may be on the verge of extinction.

    David Bowie Spider

    The spider must be truly unusual to be named after a British rock star. But Heteropoda davidbowie, whose name comes from bright orange hair on a red-brown body and legs, really earned that name. In the early 1970s, David Bowie wore a similar colored head of hair and sang in the group "Spiders from Mars".

    These spiders, which are found in Southeast Asia, can grow up to 2.5 cm in length. They do not write beautiful songs, do not sing and do not play the guitar, but they catch insects and other spiders very well.

    Goliath Tarantula

    This spider can scare even a lover of spiders. A member of the tarantula family, Theraphosa blondi, found in Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil, is a true giant of the spider world. The largest specimen ever caught is a female named Rosie, who weighs 175 grams.

    Goliath has a velvety black body and fangs, which are about 2 centimeters in length. The usual diet of a goliath tarantula is made up of crickets and beetles. Despite its name, it rarely feeds on birds, but it is capable of killing quite large prey like small mammals and frogs. But if the tarantula bites you, the effect will probably not be weaker than from a wasp sting.

    Orb spider

    The massive antennas of the spider make it look like a gadget equipped with WiFi. Scientists do not know for sure why he needs such horns, but most likely their whole essence is to frighten the enemy.

    There is little information about this spider in scientific texts, although it was first discovered in the 1700s. It lives in India, on Borneo and in China. The appearance of the orbiting spider is so fantastic that it is included in the guide for artists on drawing mythical creatures.

    Sydney Leukopautin Spider

    Spiders that weave cobwebs are found in many parts of the world, but the scariest of them is the Sydney leukopautin spider Atrax robustus, which lives 160 kilometers from Sydney, Australia. These creatures have a body measuring just 3.5 centimeters.

    But the spider, which looks a bit like a tiny black leather glove, clenched into a fist, has a property that scares more than any huge arthropod: these spiders are extremely aggressive and poisonous, and the males have very strong fangs. A spider bite can be fatal if not taken immediately.

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