24 February, 2020

    10 curious photos about the secret life of Mexican nuns

    What life do you think is within the walls of a monastery? An ascetic existence, devoid of all worldly joys and earthly pleasures? It turns out that such a common opinion about the life of monks and nuns is very outdated and has nothing to do with reality. This is exactly what the Mexican photographer Marcel Tabado wanted to prove when she started this curious photo project about the life of Mexican nuns in Catholic monasteries three years ago.

    “Nuns can have fun,” writes Marcela. “They laugh and dance, play games and listen to rock and roll. Among them there are avid fans. So, one of the sisters - a big fan of football - prayed for the players every day my favorite team, and when they won, applauded for a long time. "

    Laundry, drying, ironing - all this is part of the usual chores in the monastery.

    76-year-old sister Clara believes that exercise is important for health at any age. In her youth she was engaged in swimming and horseback riding, now she prefers a stationary bike and a treadmill.

    Those who came to the monastery are first novices. They are given a year to finally decide and become nuns.

    Meditation after worship. Sister Eliza Sanchez has been in the monastery for 27 years.

    Nuns are no stranger to fun. Here, the abbess and sister Virginia at a meeting of the nuns of the nine monasteries of the Order wave their shoulder blades for dessert and seem happy.

    Among the nuns there are quite a few who are fond of sports, there are even inveterate sports fans. In the picture, sister Reina Maria (23 years old) plays volleyball.

    Sister Teresa is 83 years old, she is sick with lupus and has difficulty moving, but her mind is clear and bright.

    Nuns have the right to leave the monastery to visit a doctor, for example, but must always travel in pairs. In this photo, a procession of nuns goes to the Franciscan monastery in the neighborhood.

    Before the Mass, the nuns tidy up the priest's robe.

    They had different professions, and they lived differently before coming to the monastery.

    Everyone came to God in different ways. Some did not want to get married, others sinned a lot, still others heard the call and came to the monastery.

    Photos - Marcela Tabado

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