25 January, 2020

    In Japan, the architect built a dream house for two senior citizens

    Have you ever asked yourself where you want to live and how to spend time retiring? Here is a good idea from distant Japan, where a brilliant architect created a unique house with his own watchman and cook for two pensioners.

    Issei Suma is known for its breathtakingly unusual buildings. But his new creation, resembling five tents, exceeded all expectations. He created a house that combines harmonious lines, original design, minimalism and environmental friendliness. Inside there is a spiral indoor pool and a shared kitchen for both ladies. Amazing complex called Jikka with an area of ​​100 square meters. m located in a picturesque place in the Japanese mountains of Shizuoka Prefecture.

    Watch the video: Tiny House Designed To Be Elderly Disability Mobility Friendly (January 2020).

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