24 February, 2020

    Prostitution in Bangladesh

    She pulls her hand into the darkness of her home, because every dollar here is worth its weight in gold. In small rooms, the walls are hung with posters of pop stars, Mecca, Sai Baba, drying clothes and a photograph of actress Kajol, who has a pair of front teeth shaded with a black felt-tip pen. All this creates at least some concept of comfort. And the beautiful Kajol in this form is a bit more like the local inhabitants. Inhabitants of Dautlatdia - the largest brothel in Bangladesh. I have never been here, but I walked in such "epicenters" in Calcutta and Mumbai and I know what I'm talking about.

    Trucks with goods for the capital Dhaka are waiting in line for several days. And this giant traffic jam stretched to Dautlatdia, the place where the river crosses. Long-distance truckers have nothing to do in the queue - this area was formed. Then he gained such fame that from the capital lovers of prostitutes began to come here on purpose. Just two hours by train.

    This "state" in the state is owned by pimps and mistresses of brothels. Gangsters get their share for protection.

    Toilet on the banks of the Padma River.

    In the formed roadside slums, in each of the 2000 shacks, there is a prostitute. The garbage in the streets hints at the status of the district. The contingent is appropriate. Women in saris, sweating, thin and dark-skinned men in alcoholic T-shirts.

    About 1,000 men a day are served here. The cost of a prostitute is from 2 to 4 dollars per hour. In a country where 60 million live on less than $ 1 a day, prostitution is becoming economically necessary.

    The hierarchy of Dautlatdia is simple: at the very bottom are the Chukri. Young girls who were sold to mistresses of brothels as sex slaves.

    Upstairs is Madame. They own chukri and shacks for sex.

    The girls sold for pennies by the parents fall into sex slavery, serving 15-20 clients per day for food and water. Beatings are common here. In case of refusal, torture, gang rape and food deprivation are possible.

    Younger girls are bought by customers more willingly, all the proceeds from them go to pimps. In order to attract customers in brothels, girls are fed with Oradexon steroids, which are used to increase the weight of livestock (cows) on farms.

    Having worked out the amount Madame spent that her parents received for the girl (about $ 5,000), the girls can become independent prostitutes. This is usually achieved by the age of 18 years, that is, when prostitution can be done legally.

    Independent prostitutes are called bharati. Most of the money earned per day is spent on renting a room. Prostitutes, as a rule, have “husbands” and support them, changing their money for protection. These "husbands" are called a woman.

    They may promise to marry, but in fact they only need her money from a prostitute. Everyone knows about these frauds, and all the same, all the girls are at risk, because everyone wants to have a "happy life."

    But having received freedom, the girl will still not get rid of her reputation. Therefore, prostitution in Bangladesh is a taboo. Something heavily stigmatized.

    Despite the fact that Bangladesh is an Islamic country. The concept of desecration came from Hinduism and began to apply to all girls, no matter what religion in this country they belong to.

    Prostitutes, their children, and even the area in which they live are considered dirty.

    The incidence of syphilis is 40%, unprotected sex is frequent. Girls cannot tell a client who has already paid: "I will not have sex with you without a condom." The customer is always right.

    People come here from Dhaka to have fun. No one has remorse. Neither those who sleep with minors, nor those who sell them here, having stolen or outbid from their parents.

    Guys smoke dope yaba. They say that it gives them sexual confidence.

    Joint libation continues.

    ... which, by all traditions, ends with a striptease dance.

    So are the so-called kitty party. Having completed, the girl again goes to the panel to earn money for tomorrow.

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