25 January, 2020

    4 most unusual bicycles from around the world

    According to estimates, about one billion bicycles are used in the world, this is the most common means of transportation. There are a huge number of models of bicycles, but some of them stand out so much that it is simply impossible not to pay attention to them. And here are the most unusual of them.

    Wooden bike

    The world's first bike was made of wood. He appeared in France in 1791 and was very uncomfortable.

    Over time, the tree was replaced with metal and plastic, but you can buy wooden bicycles now. The Japanese company Sueshiro Sano is engaged in their production. Almost all parts are made manually from bamboo wood or veneer.

    There are also manufacturers of wooden bicycles in Europe, one of them is the English company Bamboo Bike.

    Cardboard bike

    An engineer and designer from Israel created a bicycle made of cardboard and rubber. This design weighs only 9 kilograms, and the wheels of the vehicle cannot be punctured because they are made of rubber. A cardboard bike can support up to 220 kilograms and costs about $ 12.

    Backpack bike

    As the name implies, this is not just a bicycle, but a bicycle that can turn into a portable backpack, which is very convenient when traveling. The author of this invention was the Austrian Thomas Kaiser. Its development, called Bergmönch, weighs 9 kilograms and allows its owner, if necessary, to transform the bike into a backpack in just a couple of minutes and move around freely behind him.

    Curved bike

    A truly crazy idea came to mind from British designer Kevin Scott. He decided to create a bicycle that can be bent and twisted. Therefore, in order not to be afraid that your two-wheeled friend will be stolen, just twist it around the rack.

    His groundbreaking development won a £ 500 grant for Young Designers. In England, the level of bike thefts is quite high, but it costs a lot, so such an original and effective anti-theft measure came in handy. And although at the moment a flexible bike exists in only one instance, after all the necessary checks and studies it will certainly appear on sale.

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