25 January, 2020

    China of the XXI century. Life scenes

    In the 21st century, China is still at the top of the list of the most populous countries in the world, and its economic indicators continue to grow rapidly. At the moment, Chinese technology has spread to all areas of the global economy and production. This unique country has a vast ancient culture, and the atmosphere of calm and measured life is still felt here. This curious selection of photos will allow us to get to know the modern everyday life of China.

    Military training of the Marines.

    Due to the population density of the country, one has to build real multi-story "anthills." This housing estate was photographed in Hong Kong.

    Residents of China often have to wear masks and respirators, since the level of harmful substances in the air is almost five times higher than the norm.

    A little puppy is for sale at a subway station in Shanghai for $ 16.

    One of the main attractions of Shanghai is the Oriental Pearl TV tower, 468 meters high.

    A typical day at the railway station in Hangzhou.

    A television billboard has been installed in Zhengzhou, showing how this place might have looked if it hadn't been for the thick poisonous smog.

    In Sertara, the most significant and mysterious place of Tibet for Buddhists is the Buddhist Academy of Larung Gar.

    The picture was taken in Xitana at a toy factory. Due to the reduction in the number of orders from Latin America, Russia and Europe, a crisis began there.

    At the very top of the huge Guangzhou TV tower there are such cabs where you can enjoy beautiful views.

    Chinese street art

    Impressive Chinese interchanges from a height similar to a maze.

    This monk died in Quanzhou three years ago when he was 94 years old. As a sign of respect, his remains were mummified.

    Students of a dance school in Anhui during class.

    A street in Beijing, decorated for the Chinese New Year.

    An old village surrounded by new skyscrapers in Hong Kong.

    This is an exorcism ceremony held to expel evil spirits from the new building.

    Such monkey masks were made in China before the celebration of the New Year according to the lunar calendar.

    During the flag-raising ceremony at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, it became clear how popular selfie sticks are in China.

    Chinese military during exercises in Chaohu County (Anhui Province).

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