24 February, 2020

    He went on a long-awaited trip to Las Vegas, but incorrectly turned on his GoPro

    What could be funnier and more curious than a vlog? Of course, an accidentally failed video blog! Not so long ago, Irish family father Joseph Griffin went on a long-awaited trip to Las Vegas, taking with him the now popular GoPro camera. But the man, apparently, did not understand how to use it. For the whole trip, he did not understand that he was not shooting what he would like. But thanks to this failed, at first glance, shooting, Griffin became a real Internet star.

    "In general ... gave dad GoPro when he was driving to Las Vegas, but didn’t teach him how to use the camera," commented his son Evan on the video. Despite the fact that the city of sins remained behind the scenes, the video came out incredibly funny!

    "This is a top view ... see? Wow!"

    "Oh, this is a flamingo ... There is a flamingo, people!"

    "But people are swimming in the pool!

    Watch the video: The West 2019 Part 16: Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and Valley of Fire (February 2020).

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