25 January, 2020

    From Svalbard to the Sahara: the most deserted places on Earth

    This year the photo album of the German photographer Michael Martin was published, traveling the world for more than 30 years. The publication is called "Planet" Desert "" and weighs more than five kilograms. This collection of the best photographs of the photographer cannot be left without attention, each of his work is literally striking in its entertainment!

    And on December 12, an exhibition of his stunning photographs will open at the Man and Nature Museum in Munich.

    At the age of 17, Michael first knew the beauty of travel. Stepping on a new land for him in 1981, he could no longer stop. From that moment, a thirst for knowledge of the world swept over him, and he began to travel around the countries and transfer to the camera all the beauties he saw. For all this time, the photographer has traveled millions of kilometers, and most of them - on the territory of the most deserted places on the planet.

    The total cost of such a large-scale trip cost Martin and his sponsors a million euros.

    However, the results of his trip are simply amazing: for 30 years, Michael took about 300 thousand photographs and as many as 32 documentaries.

    Let's look at some of his finest photo masterpieces.

    Reindeer herder camp in winter. The picture was taken in Chukotka.

    Vatnajokull. That is the name of the largest glacier in Iceland.

    Pile of ice in the Arctic Ocean.

    One of America’s largest deserts is the Great Basin Desert. Here, around the San Juan River, you can see layers of sandstone that form such unusual patterns.

    Women from the village of Khuba Ram cross the great Indian desert of Thar to draw water.

    The road from the golden dunes appeared before the photographer in the Sahara desert at sunset.

    Another shot taken in the Thar desert, where the air warms up so much that it was nicknamed the "land of death"

    If you look at the Australian desert from above, the spectacle opens truly fantastic.

    In the area of ​​Antarctica, called Victoria Land, an oasis is land where there is no snow and ice.

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