24 February, 2020

    This boar has forgotten that sleeping on the territory of leopards is deadly!

    A visitor to the Kruger National Park in South Africa, Lisla Mulmaniz, managed to capture the camera as a leopard attacked a sleeping warthog. The pictures were incredibly exciting and amazingly spectacular!

    Only the warthog lay down to take a nap not far from the local reservoir, as he was noticed by a leopard passing by. Considering the sleeping beast easy profit, the predator decided to approach.

    While he is not entirely clear, the victim is sleeping or she is dead, so that he creeps quietly and wary.

    To make sure that the prey is not viable, the spotted cat gently touches it with his paw.

    Frightened, the boar immediately tries to jump to his feet, but this is not so easy to do.

    Due to the factor of surprise and the difference in strength, the fight did not last long. As a result, the leopard closes its powerful jaws on the warthog’s neck and wins.

    According to an eyewitness photographer Lysla, all the events he captured lasted no more than 10 minutes, so the leopard was even slightly surprised how simple it was.

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