24 February, 2020

    28 reasons to never go to Portugal

    One of the places where many people dream of going is Portugal. But is it so beautiful as it might seem at first glance? TravelAsk will try to "dissuade" you of this!

    They say Portugal is an amazing country ...

    Sintra Coast

    But you are probably wondering why the Portuguese are so proud of their country.

    After all, there is absolutely no charm in it!

    Well, not a bit!


    Who wants to lie on such a beach?


    Just look at the color of the water - it's just awful!


    Let's talk a little about the city of Porto!

    Seriously, how that thing looks!

    Ponte de Dona Maria Pia bridge built by Gustave Eiffel

    The whole city looks unsightly

    I just can't watch it!

    And Lisbon is not better!

    The city lives in the last century

    Trams are a pitiful sight!

    Portuguese landscapes are not at all poetic


    Everyone knows that the country has a poor history.

    Park and Pena Palace, Sintra

    Architecture in the country is boring.

    Belem Tower, Lisbon

    Well what is it!

    Monument to the Discoverers, Lisbon

    Seriously, this place is devoid of any elegance!

    Santa lusia

    A meaningless pile of old stones.

    Jeronimos Monastery, Lisbon

    And don’t even start talking to me about food!

    Traditional Portuguese fado music is just a nightmare!

    Amalia Rodrigues

    There are no outstanding stars in Portugal.

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Seriously, who ever heard of Louis Figo?

    The Portuguese are damn boring ...

    Well, really, this country is just disgusting!

    Do not worry!

    Just stay at home!


    And never try to go there!


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