25 January, 2020

    7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to Visit This Winter

    Tomorrow is the first day of winter, and, as it seems to us, we need to somehow celebrate this. Of course, winter is not the most obvious time to travel, especially if you need to go where it is even colder than at home. But those who venture on such a "travel-feat" will be generously rewarded. In addition, if you look closely, such an adventure has several advantages. Firstly, a trip during the low season gives you the opportunity to enjoy wonderful places without crowds of tourists. Secondly, some of these places in the cold season become even more exciting, wrapping themselves in snow and transforming in a cozy winter light.

    Today we will give you an invaluable tip: 7 magnificent places from all over the world that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites worth seeing in the coming winter.

    Grand Canyon, USA

    Old Quebec Canada

    Great Wall of China

    Danube Embankment in Budapest, Hungary

    Nerufjord, Norway

    Porto, Portugal

    Alhambra, Spain

    Watch the video: Snow fairyland in UNESCO World Heritage Site Zhangjiajie (January 2020).

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