24 February, 2020

    12 things that annoy traveling and can even piss off a saint

    It would seem that traveling is always a joy, a way to clear your head, relax and broaden your horizons. However, first of all, the main purpose of the trip is to get emotions. Emotions, of course, positive. That is why we are so enthusiastic when buying plane tickets and anticipating the proximity of the trip. At the same time, we will be honest, despite the weight of significant advantages, there are always a few things that annoy us almost every time, in every trip. Wise people will notice: "Why get annoyed that you cannot change." But we just say: "You are not alone!" Many people around you, and anywhere in the world, are faced with the same situations that infuriate them in the same way. And here are the most common ones:

    For the most part, during flights, passengers invariably experience one or another level of discomfort: turbulence, an uncomfortable seat, cramped space and more. But if there is a person on the plane who completely lacks the concept of personal space, and he behaves as if here alone, the flight can turn into hell.

    However, some still find a way to protect themselves.

    The fact that the promises of the hotel representatives turned out to be true and they really have the Internet can not but rejoice. But the fact that he literally “hangs from the wall” is somewhat annoying.

    Familiar agony of choice. What to bring with you: food or things.

    During especially long flights, when the level of boredom brings you to the brink of despair, only imagination can help.

    Try to stay calm and calm, no matter what.

    Once again, wonder at the level of airport security.

    Try to turn off the consciousness in order to be at least a little in peace and quiet, whatever the consequences.

    Tormented in thought, trying to accurately determine who this toilet is all the same for.

    For ages, wait for luggage and eventually stay overnight at the airport.

    For the hundredth time, swear to yourself not to succumb to the entreaties of souvenir dealers.

    Horrible companions, lost luggage, screaming children - every traveler has encountered this. But over time, everything already seems a trifle, the memory of which causes only a smile. Especially when, when you return home, you are greeted by loving, dear to the heart people.

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