24 February, 2020

    7 places in Europe that have not yet been captured by crowds of tourists

    Europe is one of the most popular and most favorite tourist destinations, filled with beautiful, world famous places. Unfortunately, such popularity makes the Old World literally crippled by huge crowds of tourists, bursts and flea markets. Agree, the situation is not pleasant, and even more so - repulsive. But do not rush to close European beauties for yourself. There is an exit! We present to your attention far less well-known corners that are rarely found in guidebooks, which means that they give you a chance to visit them without the risk of being in a huge crowd.

    Skopje (Macedonia)

    The capital of Macedonia lies in the valley of the Vardar River and is rich in attractive beauty. So, for example, you can go to Lake Ohrid, which is not only one of the most beautiful places in Europe, but also stands out for its unique antiquity and depth.

    Calanque National Park (France)

    Not getting into this paradise on the Mediterranean coast would be a big mistake. The national park is simply immersed in natural attractions, and sheer cliffs add entertainment to the coast.

    Northern Iceland

    Skadar Lake (Montenegro)

    Skadar Lake (Shkoder) is one of the largest attractions of Montenegro, located on the border with Albania.

    Belgrade (Serbia)

    Although Belgrade is gradually gaining popularity among travelers, and flights here are not so expensive, at the same time, you still have the opportunity to visit the ancient city of Europe with a rich history without crowded lines.

    Alentejo (Portugal)

    The Portuguese province of Alentejo occupies almost a third of the country and will surprise you with many picturesque places.

    Saaremaa (Estonia)

    As your suggestion to visit the largest island of Estonia, whose pine forests, old windmills and lighthouses look attractive, like a tourist postcard. But most importantly, the many kilometers of local beaches are usually quite deserted.

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