24 February, 2020

    What is better in Iran than in Russia

    And what many Russian airports need to learn from the Iranian bus stations.

    But everything is simple, you do not need to reinvent the wheel or come up with any complex schemes to improve the quality of passenger service.

    Look, in Iran at each bus station (I repeat, at each!) There are from 5 to 10 points for charging gadgets. And it doesn’t matter whether it is a large city or a small one. It does not matter that the population practically does not use gadgets and laptops, charging here, as a rule, only mobile phones. It doesn’t matter that there aren’t a lot of people at the bus stations, there are still plenty of outlets to make it enough for everyone! What’s there at the bus stations, even in mosques there are such points!

    What about us? In Sheremetyevo, one still has to look for a free outlet near vending machines for drinks, thank God, finally created similar points with outlets in Domodedovo, at airports far from the capital (with rare exceptions) you can’t find a free outlet either, and even recently reconstructed airports, Pulkovo and Simferopol, nobody thought about the points for charging passengers with devices.

    Bus stations? In general, I am silent, there were no spawn there, and no one even heard of it. What kind of outlets are there?

    At railway stations the same story as at bus stations. Moreover, some are also closely monitored so that, God forbid, you do not connect your phone to a free outlet. At the newest station in Krasnaya Polyana, I didn’t even have time to sit in a chair with a laptop, when a vigilant security guard arrived and said: “Ah-yay, it’s not a shame. There are warnings everywhere over sockets.”

    Bus station in the city of Isfahan. Here I counted 5 similar shelves with sockets.

    Bus station in Shiraz

    Bus station in Tehran

    Sockets for charging smartphones at the metro station in Tehran

    Shiraz Airport

    Well, the scrapping of all stereotypes. Charging station in ... mosque! And not in some shabby, but in one of the most revered and famous in Iran - the mirror mosque in Shiraz

    It is interesting what should happen in our country so that the administrations of airports, train stations and bus stations, finally, realize that the yard has long been 2018 and charging points for devices are the same need for passengers as a toilet or flight schedule.

    Watch the video: Iranian Minister In Russia 1946 (February 2020).

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